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Steel Buildings
Only the best in quality building materials are utilized to ensure the reliability, durability and strength of each steel building. Our structures are built with corrosion resistant steel and covered by a waterproof membrane. We utilize custom-designed rigid frames and every step is carefully calculated to allow for maximum efficiency and space. We guarantee that our steel buildings will protect any materials, goods and industrial equipment and will meet all stringent engineering codes and client needs.

Conventional Buildings

Most importantly conventional buildings prevent leaking of abrasives into the soil; eliminate mold and moisture as they are protected by a waterproof cover. Ample ventilation is achieved due to the incredible height in structure and provides a safe indoor working and/or storage space. 

Equipment Facilities
We build custom equipment facilities to cater to our mining, agricultural, and/or industrial clients for various uses. The equipment facilities structures come in any size and can be built with or without insulation. In-floor heating and electrical components can be installed and incorporated into any design for unlimited applications. 

Industrial Storage & Warehouses
These storage and warehouse structures are custom-built to suit your needs. We achieve maximum storage space as we view each square foot as profitable for our clients. The construction of high sidewall clearance and no central support allows for trucks and lifts to easily move and operate in any direction. Whether you are storing a recreational vehicle, a boat and/or machinery of any type these structures will withstand any environmental condition.

Shops & Garages

Our shop and garage structures are fully insulated from the ground up. We custom-build these for our residential, agricultural and industrial clients. Cement floors and/or cement slabs anchor each build and along with our durable long-lasting brand of overhead doors it’s the perfect solution for our clients.

Mineral/Salt or Feed
Minerals, salt, grain and hay need to be kept dry and protected from rodents and other pests. Feed must be accessible in all weather conditions, but inaccessible to livestock. Our custom-built mineral/salt and feed structures will meet MTO standards and specifications. All structures are built with galvanized pre-engineered steel and built on blocks and/or solid walls. We also offer excellent pre-engineered builds to meet specific municipal needs.

Fabric Buildings
Olympic fabric buildings have unlimited potential and uses and are backed by the most experienced team on the market and an unmatched warranty. Sizes range from 22 feet in width to 160 feet wide and any length. These custom-built structures offer the perfect storage solution for innovative farms, industrial and/or acreages. They are perfect for vehicles and/or feed storage, livestock shelter, machinery sheds and/or for field repairs amongst many other various applications. Fabric buildings can be erected in hours or within a few days and are portable. These structures require minimal maintenance, offer natural light, are weather resistant, durable and do not require a foundation.

Vehicle Shops
These vehicle shops are a great alternative for your equipment and machinery storage. Once the storage space is no longer required clients can sell the custom-built structure at a very profitable price for any other applications.

Livestock Shelter
Livestock shelters are a great alternative for the ever-changing needs and technological advancements related to the agricultural business professional. As these custom-built structures have no central support inside they offer efficient indoor maneuvering for various machinery such as tractors and other agricultural vehicles. Livestock shelters can be easily dismantled and reinstalled in any location. A great alternative cost saving option for clients who want to avoid having to rebuild a second prefabricated building.

Riding Arenas
Whether you are an avid equestrian or love to ride horses anytime of the year, riding arenas and polo barns are a state of the art solution. Our custom-built riding arenas will allow maximum riding space and reduce the need for artificial lighting as the covers are of translucent material, which allows the maximum penetration of natural light inside. Indoor space can be custom-designed for riding, jumping, equipment or stabling. With 17 feet of clearance and your choice of colour steel cladding this is the ideal structure to buy. 

Whether you need a covered space for activities such as a skating arena, tennis court or a special event, prefabricated steel structures can be used for any type of project. Various sizes are available and our clients can choose to have a new custom-built design or clients can choose to cover an existing structure.

Overhead Doors
Overhead doors can be utilized for various applications such as car washes, industrial and/or for residential applications. Once installed, these state of the art doors will meet and exceed building codes. Clients can choose widths of up to 30 feet and various types are available to choose from. 



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